Kevin Majeres MD | Approach
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Intertwining theory and experiential practices, Dr. Majeres will help you to achieve safety learning, the simple and direct way to heal anxiety disorders at their core.


While there are many possible triggers for anxiety, all anxiety disorders arise from treating anxiety itself as if it were a disorder to be controlled. If you use avoidance strategies to control your level of anxiety, you are training yourself to see anxiety as a threat. This leads to a vicious circle in which increasing avoidance is continually matched with increasing anxiety.

My cognitive-behavioral approach focuses first on helping you to understand your anxiety and how it relates to your brain, body, and behavior. You’ll then see how your anxiety is always responsive to your behavior, and you will know how to break the vicious circles with safety learning.

Within a short time you will no longer see anxiety as a terrible thing to be dreaded. Instead, you will see times when anxiety spikes as practice, and I will teach you how to practice in the best way. This involves training in mindfulness and acceptance, and will allow you to live a life based on your values and ideals, rather than struggling with thoughts and feelings.